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Stoney Rise


Every so often the press write wonderful things about our wine.

"Love the Holyman Chardonnay. One of my top producers in Australia." Gary Walsh

"Gravelly Beach winemaker Joe Holyman is a very funny man, but he's deadly serious about the quality of his wines." Winsor Dobbin

"One of the most impressive wines of the tasting was the 2012 Holyman Pinot Noir from the Tamar Valley.  Joe Holyman has certainly arrived as one of Tasmania's outstanding pinot noir makers." Nick Stock

"I'd argue this comes from one of the best Pinot sites in the country, from one of the best Pinot winemakers." Gary Walsh

"Wow! Is the word my palate sent to my brain when I sniffed & sipped this big fella. Fermented with wild yeast and 30% whole bunches, cold macerated for about a week to extract colour and tannins - this is a wine to cellar for later excess enjoyment." Duncan Wilcox