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Stoney Rise Wine Company is located in the heart of the Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania, Australia. It is a family run boutique winery owned by Joe and Lou Holyman.

In 2004 we returned to Tasmania with our sights set on growing and producing the best pinot noir and chardonnay we could. We purchased a vineyard that was planted in 1986 in the Tamar Valley, north of Launceston and set about doing just that. 2008 saw the construction of our winery on site.

We love all things vinous, we take our wines and what we do rather seriously albeit with relaxed personalities we try and have the most amount of fun possible.


What's new at Stoney Rise?

The Good News is:

We have just released our 2013 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir. Whilst it is quite fresh at the moment, it is sure to develop more structure over the next few months. Joe has promised me a tasting note very very soon.

And the Bad News is:

We have just sold out of our 2012 Holyman Pinot Noir.  After great reviews by James Halliday and Gary Walsh this wine simply walked out the door faster than ever before.  The 2013 will be released in October this year.  If you would like an allocation of the next release please let us know.

Latest press includes:

2012 Holyman Pinot Noir - great writeups by James Halliday, Gary Walsh and Nick Stock.
2010 Holyman 'Project X' Pinot Noir - writeups by Ben Edwards (My 20 Great Reds) and Gary Walsh.
2012 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir
- writeups by Tim White, Andrew Graham and Winsor Dobbin.
Great article on all three Pinot Noirs - by Max Allen.

As always if you are visiting Tasmania please come by and say hi.

Joe & Lou Holyman





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